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The Jerusalem Supreme Court ruling that a Palestinian man can marry his cousin’s sister was wrong

June 6, 2021 Comments Off on The Jerusalem Supreme Court ruling that a Palestinian man can marry his cousin’s sister was wrong By admin

Justice Yehuda Goldwasser wrote that a decision in the case of an American woman who had married her cousin’s son’s brother was correct.

The woman, who has not been named, was married to a relative of the cousin’s brother.

Goldwasserer, who is of Palestinian descent, found the marriage was invalid and the marriage to be in violation of the Jewish law of matrimony.

Goldawasser’s opinion came on behalf of the Court of Appeals for the Second District in Jerusalem.

The decision came after Goldawasserer’s ruling that the woman’s marriage was not in violation not only of the law of marriage, but also of the Talmud, a book of Jewish law, which says a man cannot marry his relatives’ sister.

The woman’s husband had asked for her to be granted the right to marry her cousin.

Goldwer’s opinion said the woman should have been granted permission.

The ruling was welcomed by the Israeli government and the Israeli Supreme Court, which is also hearing a case challenging the legitimacy of a man marrying his cousin, who married him in the same village.

The case of a Palestinian woman marrying her cousin was not decided in the Supreme Court of Israel, and the court said it would not rule on the matter, but instead defer to the local government.

The court ruled that the ruling of the High Court of Justice of the State of Israel that a woman who marries her cousin in the village of Kiryat Arba could marry her niece, the daughter of her cousin, was correct and binding.

The wife of the nephew of the uncle who had the marriage had requested the marriage in the name of her nephew, Goldwasserman wrote in his opinion.

Goldwas also not satisfied that the marriage of the niece, who was in her 20s, to the nephew was in the interests of the children, the husband and the children.

The judge said it was important to point out that the mother of the daughter married her niece because her husband was not willing to support her, the family and her children, Goldawasserman said.

He wrote that the family of the girl was “a product of an unfair marriage” because her father had no interest in supporting her.

Goldlaw is an Israeli citizen, and his mother is not Israeli.

He also wrote that it was not relevant that the niece was living in Israel with her father in an apartment in the city of Kirya, not in the neighborhood in which she lived with her husband and children.


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