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Pornhub’s porn site check is a scam

September 16, 2021 Comments Off on Pornhub’s porn site check is a scam By admin

Hackers have released an online porn website checker that checks whether sites hosting adult content actually offer free porn.

The Pornhub website check app will scan for porn sites that display ads that don’t appear on their sites.

If porn is not displayed on the site, it is likely that it is hosted illegally.

In addition to checking for ads, the Pornhub site checker will check for other suspicious sites that can be used as a source of fraudulent information.

The Pornhub checker can be downloaded for free from the PornHub website at: https://pornhub.com/en/porncheck/ The PornHub checker is not an ad blocker, but it is an extension that can check for ads on your sites, such as in-app purchases, ad banners, or other sites that use your own content.

This new checker, which is currently free for Android users, is one of the first to utilize a privacy-enhancing privacy option, allowing users to opt out of checking porn sites.

Pornhub CEO John Donahoe has confirmed that the new Pornhub web checker has been in development for several months.

PornHub’s porn checker currently has 2,000+ sites listed, and they are also adding more sites each day.

It is possible that more porn checkers will be released soon, so stay tuned to Hackers.

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When Facebook is not ‘scam’ or ‘fake news,’ we should be calling it what it is

August 26, 2021 Comments Off on When Facebook is not ‘scam’ or ‘fake news,’ we should be calling it what it is By admin

Facebook has a new job ad.

The social network has rolled out the latest ad for a news reporter in New York.

The ad is titled ‘Are you a real reporter?

Do you know the difference between fake and fake news?’

It says the ad is for a ‘citizen journalist,’ or a reporter who does not take money or favors from a company.

The ad asks: ‘Are there any jobs you are willing to do?’

Facebook has also rolled out an ad for the CEO of the news site CNN.

The company has also launched a campaign for a journalist to write a story about Facebook’s ‘Fake News’ program.

Facebook also rolled the ad out to CNN.

As Facebook has rolled its fake news program, it has added more jobs.

The company has created an additional 2,400 new jobs over the past year.

But its ads are not just for Facebook employees.

Facebook has begun to target the ads to other media companies.

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