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9 jewelry websites you should check out

September 18, 2021 Comments Off on 9 jewelry websites you should check out By admin

A roundup of the top jewelry websites, websites and jewelry blogs out there.

The top 9 jewelry websites and websites that are most important for you to check out are listed below. 


 Ariel Tutor Jewelry Shop  A few years ago, Ariel Tutor was one of the hottest jewelry sites on the web.

The website’s founder and CEO, Angela Lutten, had her own website before launching Ariel Tutors Jewelry.

The site offers a wide variety of jewelry, including necklaces, rings, necklamp holders, and earrings. 

The site also offers free shipping on orders over $50 and free returns on orders under $50. 

Ariel’s website has been updated several times over the years, but it still maintains its charm.

 This is the top jewelery site on Mashable and it’s worth checking out.

It has a large selection of jewelry from jewelry companies like Chanel, Gucci, and Dolce & Gabbana. 


Etsy Shop This website is a must-visit for anyone who wants to shop online.

Etsy is a popular Etsy store for the likes of brands like Chanels, Guis, and Tiffany, but they also have a wide range of jewelry.

The Etsy shop also has a huge selection of designer brands and accessories for sale. 

The site is free to sign up for and there are free shipping options for shoppers to check them out. 


Jewelry Bliss This jewelry shop is a good place to start if you’re looking for some jewelry, especially for girls.

The shop has a full selection of bridal jewelry for women and is a great place to check in on your bridal outfit. 


Lily Bricks Lily is one of my favorite websites to visit.

The jewelry shop’s owners, Jennifer and Jonathan Bricks, are the brains behind Lily Bricks.

The store has a massive selection of beautiful handcrafted and vintage jewelry. 

Lively is also known for offering free shipping for all orders over 10 pounds. 


Beneath a Blackstone Jewelry This website has a great selection of handcrafted handcrafted jewelry.

They offer handmade necklamps, bracelets, earrings, neckwatches, and rings.

The handcrafted items are all handcrafted in house by the owner, Lisa Mays, who also sells handmade jewelry.

This is a place to get some free samples of handmade jewelry.

This is also a place where you can check out jewelry made in-house. 


Lovely Jewelry This site has a wide selection of handmade jewelry from top brands like Louis Vuitton, Baccarat, and Chanel.

This site also has lots of deals and discounts to get you hooked on some of the best pieces on Etsy.


Penny’s Jewelry & Accessories Possibly the best jewelry shop on the internet, Penny’s Jewelers is an amazing place to buy a variety of hand-crafted jewelry and hand-made accessories. 

It also has an extensive selection of necklids and earlids, which is something you’ll want to check if you want something more substantial than a necklid or earring. 



Crews J Crews has been around since 2009, and their website has grown into one of our favorite sites on this list.

The owners have made the site one of their top sellers for jewelry.

There are a ton of great deals on jewelry, handcrafted bracelets and ear rings, and you can even get discounts on jewelry made by the shop. 


Ivy Beauty Ivy is a gorgeous online shop that has been making a name for itself in the beauty industry for quite some time.

Their online shop is an incredible resource for all sorts of beauty products, and the shop offers free returns. 


Vintage Beauty Store  The Vintage Beauty Store has a long history of creating quality handmade jewelry and accessories.

The online store has some great deals and offers discounts to people who shop there. 

11. Doll Eyes Dolls are one of those things that can make you want to buy things that are more expensive than they actually are.

You can always get something that is more expensive on the Dollar Beauty  website, but you can always find something you can actually afford on Doll Eyes. 


Mascara Boutique Mascare is a boutique brand that has a lot of eye shadow and nail polish.

The Mascare site has some fantastic deals on products like eyeliners, nail lacquers, and lipsticks. 


Coffee Shop The Coffee Shop is a lovely place to shop for coffee and a nice place to spend some quality time with your loved ones.

The coffee shop also offers discounted

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