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Why is Trump so unpopular?

July 26, 2021 Comments Off on Why is Trump so unpopular? By admin

In a survey released on Monday, The Washington Post revealed that the Trump administration’s approval rating remains at record lows for any administration in modern history.

The numbers show that the majority of Americans are not ready to give up on the Trump presidency just yet.

According to the poll, only 40% of Americans surveyed are ready to move on to the next phase of the presidency.

The majority of respondents, 58%, are still undecided or unsure about whether or not they want to vote for Trump, while 39% say they are ready and willing to support him.

That number is a stark contrast to the last administration, when 71% of the respondents in a December poll said they were ready to vote, with only 26% saying they were not ready.

The poll also revealed that 52% of respondents want Congress to pass legislation repealing or replacing ObamaCare.

The President also faces a potential political battle in Congress as he tries to pass a replacement plan to the ACA.

The law has become a target for the White House, and many Republican members of Congress have expressed support for a replacement proposal that would include more tax cuts and less spending.

According the poll released on Sunday, 61% of Republicans want the president to take a “compromise” approach, and 41% say the President should “do nothing” to get the health care law repealed.


Trump is considering canceling US visa waiver program for Australia

July 21, 2021 Comments Off on Trump is considering canceling US visa waiver program for Australia By admin

Trump is weighing whether to cancel a program that allows Americans to come to the United States for work, entertainment and travel if he deems it to be too restrictive, according to three people familiar with the president’s thinking.

The plan, which would effectively strip out billions in federal funding for the program, has drawn criticism from lawmakers in both parties.

The president is also weighing whether he can persuade Congress to extend the waiver to include more visas for overseas workers, according the people, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the president is not expected to take action on the waiver at this time.

Trump has been pushing Congress to approve the program for months, as the country struggles to replace more than a million Americans who have been killed in the fight against the virus.

But he has been thwarted in his efforts to get legislation passed.

In addition to the waiver, Trump is also considering other measures to ease restrictions on travel, including a ban on travel to people from certain Muslim-majority nations.

Trump has also made no secret of his desire to get rid of the program.

He has also suggested that the United Nations could use the waivers to force the United Kingdom to lift a visa requirement for people from the United Arab Emirates, a key ally of the United State.

Trump said in a tweet Friday that the UK could be forced to change its visa policy.

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