Why Ikea furniture website has a bad image

Why Ikea furniture website has a bad image

September 9, 2021 Comments Off on Why Ikea furniture website has a bad image By admin

Ikea website has its own unique image.

That image, and its reputation as a “home of high quality,” is why it has been subject to some harsh criticism.

The website has been a source of ridicule since its launch last summer, when it launched the popular Ikea mobile app.

In September, it received a huge backlash after it was reported that the furniture brand used its Facebook page to post a video of itself standing at a traffic light.

The video, which was later taken down, has since been shared over a million times.

The company apologized for the video, and it’s now working on a video that won’t include the traffic light video.

However, the company’s other recent video featuring a “Halloween” theme has been criticized as “fake.”

In a statement to Mashable, Ikea said the video was created for the Halloween season.

“We want to show the Halloween spirit that we’re proud to represent,” Ikea spokesperson Lauren Curness told Mashable.

“There’s a lot of people out there who enjoy making fun of us, so we wanted to take a moment to acknowledge that and let you know how much we appreciate the kind words and positive feedback that has come our way.”

“We understand that some may find this video to be a little weird,” Curnessa added.

“But that’s OK.

That’s how we make our home.”

The company’s new video is also a reminder that it’s not all fun and games for consumers.

The company also recently announced a redesign for its website.


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