What we know about the Silk Road’s sale and its potential fallout

What we know about the Silk Road’s sale and its potential fallout

September 25, 2021 Comments Off on What we know about the Silk Road’s sale and its potential fallout By admin

It was a big day for the Silk Roads marketplace.

A new domain name, Silkroad.com, opened on Wednesday for buyers of the illegal drug marketplace.

The site’s new owner, Canadian entrepreneur Pierre Omidyar, said that it would be the first ever sale of a new domain.

The move is expected to raise eyebrows among drug enforcement agencies.

But it also raises the prospect that the world’s biggest drug market might be able to be re-branded to make it easier to monitor.

“There’s a whole new dimension to it,” said Kevin Kennedy, who runs a cybersecurity company that provides advice to governments and the U.S. government on cybercrime.

“The world is not just going to be happy to have Silk Road go away.”

Omidys name, as reported by Bloomberg, is a play on the Latin word for “peace,” and it could be a reference to his previous work on anti-piracy legislation and anti-money laundering initiatives.

Omidyaar, the founder and CEO of PayPal and eBay, also recently launched a Bitcoin payment processor.

He said the SilkRoad name would allow for more transparency, while also providing a way to keep customers informed of what was going on.

The new domain is not the first time that Omidiyar has sought to change the name of the site.

He was also reportedly interested in changing the name to something more appropriate to the new technology.

“It’s not going to have anything to do with the Silkroad brand,” Omidayar told Bloomberg.

“We’re going to keep it the same name.”

The new SilkRoad.com domain is a bit of a departure from the original Silk Road.

It’s likely that the new name will be used to identify the site for a long time.

But Omidiyaar said that he hoped that the domain would become a permanent home for the site, as well as to serve as a place for other sites to host and host ads.

Silk Road was originally created in 2013 by a group of Chinese entrepreneurs.

They initially built the site as a way for Chinese tourists to buy drugs on the dark web.

They hoped that people could use the site to buy and sell drugs anonymously.

But they quickly found that users were reluctant to trade anonymously.

And the drug marketplace itself became a target for law enforcement and cybercriminals.

OMidiyar, who lives in New York, and Omidaars family were able to sell the site without getting caught because they managed to keep the site’s IP address secret.

The Tor browser extension that Tor users rely on to conceal their location and track their movements is used to mask the identities of Tor users.

The FBI and other agencies began monitoring Silk Road after a man named Christopher “mike” Poole started selling illegal drugs on it.

The government seized the site in 2015.

It was later shut down in 2017 by the FBI.


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