It’s official: I’m not a ‘trainer’

It’s official: I’m not a ‘trainer’

September 26, 2021 Comments Off on It’s official: I’m not a ‘trainer’ By admin

It’s not often that a celebrity has so openly admitted that he is not a real trainer.

But on Sunday night, Trish McDonough, a former professional wrestler and reality TV star who has starred in the HBO reality series Divas, tweeted that she is not even a coach.

McDonough’s statement, which appeared on Instagram and was retweeted more than 6,000 times, was followed by criticism from both athletes and wrestling fans.

“I am not a coach, and I do not hold any title as one,” she wrote.

“There is a lot of misinformation surrounding me, but I want everyone to know that I am not one.

I am a personal trainer.

I’ve been doing this for over a decade.”

McDonought told CNN’s Jake Tapper on Monday morning that she does not believe that the word “trainer” is a valid title for herself.

“It’s like any other word.

I can’t be a coach if I don’t have a title, Jake.

I’m a trainer.

And I think if I’m doing this, I’m really good at it,” she said.”

So when people ask me, ‘Are you a coach?’

I just have a feeling I’m the last person that should answer that question.”

McDonaldough added that she has never been a certified personal trainer, saying that she’s “been a lot more of a self-taught trainer” than she should have been.

“When I was a young girl, my mother would take me to the local gym.

And it was a gym that had an arm wrestling ring, which is something I don�t like to see in the ring, but that�s just my mom,” she told Tapper.

McDonaldought said that she also never had a title in wrestling, but she still wanted to tell her story and “show people that there are other people who are getting paid to train in this sport.”

“I have to keep my fans informed about what I do, and they need to know, because there are a lot out there,” she added.

McDONOUGH was quick to clarify that she didn’t hold any titles in the wrestling world, but did claim that she still enjoys training.

“In wrestling, I can say I am doing what I love,” she tweeted.

“I have never held a title or a certification.

I train to be able to do whatever I want to do, anytime I want.”

McDONOHOUTS OWNS TNAWrestling is an annual, multi-million dollar industry that has become more and more popular in recent years.

While many wrestlers are paid by their own promotions, some pay for their time through endorsements, sponsorships, or a combination of both.

Mcdonaldough was paid a reported $1.8 million in the past year alone for her work on Divas.

McDOHOUTCS REALITY TV CAREER, WITH A MOMENT OF SHOCKING IN ITS SECOND EPISODE McDonow has been one of the top WWE talent in the world for more than a decade, but in recent months she has found herself in a new spotlight after the release of the second season of the reality TV show Divas on the WWE Network.

Mcdonough became the face of the show in 2016 when she became a new member of the WWE’s Women’s Division, a move that drew a lot criticism from some of her female fans.

In the show, which aired on January 1, 2016, she was paired with former NXT Divas Champion and current WWE Superstar Charlotte Flair.

McFlair, who became a reality TV icon when she was cast as Charlotte in WWE’s Raw series, won the women�s title in the show’s second season.

McDeough, who is still the reigning WWE women�reigns champion, won a WWE title with a pinfall win over Paige at WrestleMania 32 in 2016.

In the final match of the series, she pinned Paige with a kneebar on the floor.

McDevitt, who also is the current WWE women’s champion, has been in a feud with Flair since she joined the company as a female wrestler.

She won a title with Flairs debut at Wrestlemania 27, a match that was originally scheduled for June 22, but was pushed back to July 15, 2017.

McDonnellitt also was the champion in the second edition of the Divas tournament, which began on July 14.

McDoherty also won a tag team title at Wrestlemania 30 in 2016 and won it again the following year, before falling to the women’s championship on a date set for July 15.

The feud between the two women continues to this day, and in the 2016 season, Flair and McMDoherty were scheduled to face off for a rematch.

McMDoherty tweeted that it was unfortunate that “this storyline will end up with two people in the same ring and it will be


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