When your computer dies, it can’t be repaired

When your computer dies, it can’t be repaired

August 16, 2021 Comments Off on When your computer dies, it can’t be repaired By admin

The federal government is promising to spend more than $10 million to help restore computers that have died, including one that was lost in the Great Recession.

The National Science Foundation has also pledged to cover the costs of rebuilding damaged systems, and a new federal office will focus on computer repair.

The federal National Computer Repair Facility will provide technical support and repair assistance, while a federal office of the inspector general will investigate computer failures, according to a statement from President Donald Trump’s administration.

The office will be tasked with monitoring the nation’s computer infrastructure.

The Office of the Inspector General will also conduct a review of computer network security and privacy practices and develop recommendations, according the statement.

The agency is asking for $1.8 million to cover hardware and software repairs for systems that have already been repaired, $7.3 million for repairs to computers with components that have not yet been installed, and $6.8,000 for repairs for computers that require maintenance, according a copy of the statement obtained by The Associated Press.

The statement said the National Institutes of Health will be providing $1 million in grants and contracts for projects focused on computer security and the prevention of network attacks.

The White House has also promised to provide a new National Cybersecurity and Information Sharing Council to coordinate cyber-security initiatives.

The president has also requested $500 million to support cybersecurity initiatives.

Trump’s office did not respond to questions about the plans.

The Federal Communications Commission is also reviewing whether to issue a rule that would allow the National Park Service to ban access to some online content, such as websites, if it considers it threatening to public safety.

The move follows the death of an Air Force Reserve officer last year who was shot at in his own home after posting an anti-Trump post on social media.


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