What do you call a baby that was born with a brain defect? – Newsnet 6

What do you call a baby that was born with a brain defect? – Newsnet 6

June 20, 2021 Comments Off on What do you call a baby that was born with a brain defect? – Newsnet 6 By admin

The news website Newsnet has been looking for the right words to describe what is going on with Chloe Ting, a young baby who has been born with what the website has been calling a congenital brain defect.

The baby has a skull with the same dimensions as a person’s and has a congenitally small head.

The website said Chloe was born in February and has had a series of scans.

She was diagnosed at 18 months of age.

Chloe is the first baby born with this condition.

The Newsnet website said the baby’s parents are very close to each other and they are looking for anyone with any information about Chloe.

The babies mother is being monitored closely and she will have to undergo further tests to determine her exact diagnosis.

Chloe was only diagnosed with a congenitiative condition at birth, Newsnet said.

What do people call a congenitoencephalitis (CHD)?

CHD is a disease of the central nervous system, where the central nerves of the brain are damaged.

CHD can lead to seizures, brain damage and even death.

What are the symptoms of CHD?

Symptoms of CHDs include: weakness or numbness of your arms or legs, especially your arms and legs


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